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The manufacturer of agricultural machiner

Slurry Tankers

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Bale Wrappers
and other agricultural machinery



In our offer you will find a wide range of agricultural machinery and equipment:

  • Slurry Tankers and Accessories,
  • Front Loaders and Accessories,
  • Bale Gripper,
  • Tine Grabs,
  • Pallet fork,
  • Fertiliser spreader,
  • Row crop cultivators,
  • Stubble cultivators,
  • Manure scraper,
  • Tie Stalls,
  • Free Stalls,
  • Automatic Feeders,
  • Water drinkers,
  • Ventilation
  • Steel Roof Structures,
  • Trim Feeder.

Our offer

Slurry Tankers and Accessories

Slurry tankers belong to a group of machines where the energy needed to fill  and empty the tank  is provided by a vacuum pump.

Front Loaders and Accessories

The loaders  produced by our company are used for loading and unloading, removal of manure and loose materials.

Other agricultural machinery

In this section you will find bale wrappers, row crop cultivators, stubble cultivators, fertilizer spreader, tillers.

Equipment of livestock buildings

We supply everything for the internals
of the livestock buildings.

Feed silos

Feed silos are designed for storing cereal meal, dry feed compound (granulated and bulk) and cereal grains, oilseeds and maize.

Construction and Equipment
of livestock buildings

Our specialists will do the investment for you from foundation to roof.


We provide services in the field of plasma cutting, welding, turning, milling, repair of agricultural and construction machinery.

Steel structures

After delivery of the construction plans by the customer we will make every steel structure.