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Milk coolers


Milk cooling function

As the name implies, the coolers are used to low the temperature of the milk. Only at this temperature it can be stored for a longer period of time without the risk of adverse reaction in it. This is extremely important, because the quality of milk largely depends on how quickly we are able to cool it down below 10 oC. Remembering the initial milk temperature is 36 oC, it does not have to be a quick process. The sooner this is done, the better the price we will get when selling the product. The bacteriological quality of the milk is also important for the customer. The best bacteriological quality we can get at temperatures around 4o C. Other popular refrigeration systems, which are getting more popular, are pre-cooling systems (in the West they are everywhere). The aim of such an installation is to lower the initial milk temperature before applying it to the cooler. This allows you to reduce the cost of electric cooling of the cooler itself and to increase the speed of  obtaining the optimum product temperature. Maybe it is worth considering whether buying such a system will not allow us to get a profit in a really short time.

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