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Water drinkers

In cattle feed water plays a very important role. Free access to unlimited amounts of water has a decisive influence on the productivity of dairy cows and the  nutrients digestibility in meat cattle and the increase of their muscle mass.

A properly constructed cow house should have the efficient drinking water system for animals. It has been observed that cows use water drinkers at certain times, most often after milking at 7.00-8.00 in the morning and in the afternoon between 17.00-18.00.

Types of water drinkers

Currently, in the cow houses, a used system automatically distributes water by pipelines directly to the drinking water. The most commonly used types of water drinkers are: bowls drinkers with single or double compartments or troughs.

It is assumed that one bowl drinker is enough for 15-20 adult cows. The drinker consists of a bowl in which water accumulates, a valve that is activated by an animal with a nose pressure, and a closing valve when the water pressure is too high. Bowl drinkers are most commonly used in the tie system (one drinker per two stalls).

Troughs drinkers are used in free stall cow houses. Drinkers of this type allow animals to free  access and can be used by several animals at the same time.

In modern free stall cow houses where one or two walls are removed, the drinkers are , heated and insulated so that the water in the drinkers and pipeline does not freeze in the winter.