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Window curtain

Ventilation openings in the barn should provide constant fresh air supply, adequate to the season (66m3 / h in winter to 220m3 / h in summer). Opening and closing the curtain should be a procedure connected with the regulation of dampers in the ridge skylight.

Thanks to this connection, during summer strong circulation can be forced and natural air flow towards the ridge is made. During the winter the curtains cover the window openings, and the air intake to the building is restricts by the window brushes in order not to cool down the building and not to cause drafts. In the summer season, the completely abandoned curtains cause the air flow, which positively influences the welfare of animals.

Advantages of sliding ventilation windows:

  • The use of vinyl polycarbonate eliminates the effect of condensation of a steam, which in traditional buildings, due to differences in indoor and outdoor temperatures, appears on the windows.
  • Polycarbonate illuminates the object sufficiently. With the windows completely closed, they do not restrict the access of daylight to the building.
  • Brushes sealing the window cause no drafts or heat losses in the enclosed area, as is the case of roller blinds.