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Slurry Tankers

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Slurry Tankers and Accessories


Slurry tankers belong to a group of machines where the energy needed to fill  and empty the tank  is provided by a vacuum pump. It generates a vacuum (vacuum during filling or overpressure during emptying). The steel, hot dip galvanized, pressure vessel is fitted on a single, two or three axle chassis equipped with low-pressure, wide-profile tires. The rear door of the tanker can opened and at the same time it is a manhole . The vacuum pump is driven from the tractor's PTO via the pivot shaft (articulated-telescopic). All Marco Polo tankers are equipped with pneumatic braking system, hydraulic system and electrical installation (lighting required by road traffic).

The strength of our company is the production for clients’ individual orders. Therefore, the equipment is adapted to the requirements of the ordering client to meet all  his expectations.

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