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Tine slurry applicator

The applicator is a device mounted on the rear axle behind the slurry tanker. It is equipped with strong spring  S-tine with a cross section of 70 × 12 and a large clearance under the frame. On the tine there are the blades and the hose tips holders.

For the proper operation the applicator is equipped with an efficient manifold, because the slurry may contain fibres and foreign matter, and a blocked hole causes interruptions in the spillage and a break in operation which is troublesome. The knives, driven by a hydraulic motor, rotate in the manifold cover and cut all foreign bodies in the slurry.

The slurry from the manifold flows through the wires to the holder at the back of the tine, exactly under the foot of the blade plowing the soil. These type of tines provide:

  • Better soil loosening due to the vibration;
  • Good mixing of plant residues with a finger scraper mounted behind the applicator;
  • Loosening of soil surface and good preparation for sowing.

The operation depths are adjusted using the copying wheels adjusting screws

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