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Disc slurry applicator


The applicator is a device mounted on the rear axle behind the slurry tanker. The operation elements are sharpened edged discs mounted in two parallel rows of tool beams (front / rear) of 9 discs per beam. The discs from the first row make a neat and precise groove in the soil. Application nozzles, between the disks, introduce slurry into the soil. Second-row discs set up with a protuberance in the opposite direction to the first-row discs cover the slurry causing a better soil application.

For proper operation the applicator is equipped with an efficient manifold, because the slurry may contain fiber and foreign matter, and a blocked hole causes interruptions in the spillage and a break in operation which is troublesome. The knives, driven by a hydraulic motor, rotate in the manifold housing and cut off all foreign bodies in the slurry.

This type of applicator provides:

  • Fast work
  • Good mixing of plant residues with a finger scraper mounted behind the applicator;
  • effective application of slurry combined with mixing it with the soil;
  • Almost no loss of nutrients.
  • The operation depths are adjusted using the adjusting screws of the copying wheels

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